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cruise ship that was stranded in the gulf of mexico for five days are back on dry land this morning. we will hear more from some of the passengers coming up. >> hundreds of people are injured by a meteor right. the amazing new pitchers and just coming in. >> happy friday! today the temperatures could be warmer than yesterday. we're talking about 70's for most of us. we will notice that gradual cooler conditions for the next couple of days. i will have your full detail of the weather in my next report. >> we continue to monitor a good commute ride. here is a
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quick commute check where conditions are light through the east bay. we did have a little bit of slowing on highway 4. >> you can hear the passengers and cheer. this is new video this morning showing passengers cheering on board of the carnival cruise ship tram as it made its way back to dry land last night. the ship docked just after 8 our time, but it took about four hours for everyone to get off. passengers to get to wake up in hotels with hot showers and working toilets out this morning. the nightmare began last week when a fire broke out in the ship's engine room. we are now hearing from some of them about their experience. >> there are a lot of
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unhappy people that are on the ship because of the conditions and the way that things went downhill. >> after being on this boat for this long and not knowing how i was born to get back. it feels so good to be back. >> we are also getting a closer look at what conditions were like on that cruise ship. off passengers described several days of horrid conditions. no electricity, overflowing toilets, food shortages, and a smell so foul it may passengers sick. many of them slept outside the cabman's to stay away from the smells. >> also new this morning. an
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incredible story out of russia. a meteor streaking into the skies over the ural mountains, causing shock waves then injured more than 500 people. the ural mountains are about 900 east of moscow. this is video of the event. the meteor which weighed about 10 t, entered the earth's atmosphere at a speed of a lease 33,000 mi. per hour and shattered more than 18 to 32 mi. above ground. hundreds that were injured, dozens of them were hospitalized. >> and here is new video just coming then. you can see and hear the glass breaking. also you can see the thick plume of smoke. this meteor blew up over
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russia, just a large asteroid is about to pass within $17 a miles of earth today. but scientists do not think that the two are related. >> olympic sprinter oscar pistorius has formally been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. here is new video of pistorius in court, where he what only as they said that they would pursue charges of premeditated murder against him, for the death of his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp who was found shot and killed in his home yesterday. in a statement just released from the family of pistorius and
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his management, they said that they dispute the claim that he murdered his girlfriend " in the strongest terms. " pistorius will be held in a police station in south africa's capital, pretoira, until tuesday, when he appears a dan for his bail hearing. >> back in the bay area, new this morning. hayward police are still looking into what caused a deadly car crash the happened just before midnight. it happened on san clemente street. one person was still inside the suv when police and fire officers arrived on the same. it crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree, and damage to the car suggest
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espy had been a factor. the driver was pronounced dead on the same. >> we are getting final confirmation from medical examiners who have positively identified the body of former los angeles police officer christopher dorner. he is the man authorities say, killed four people including two police officers and wounded three others in a vendetta against his old comrades. that announcement came from the san bernadine a county sheriff's department. two days after a shootout, standoff and fire at a cabin in the mountains east of los angeles. dorners remains were identified during an autopsy through his dental records. >> we will be right back.
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>> wellcome back. senate republicans have temporarily blocked able to confirm shot a joke as defense secretary with a still buster. no. a votea
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jokchuck hagel as the defense secretary with a filibuster. they insisted the obama administration must first answer more questions about its handling of the terrorist attack on the u.s. embassy in bidding gauzy, libya last september. though gold to move forward with hagels nomination fell just short of the needed 60 votes to break the filibuster and head to an actual vote. president obama use of the social media cycled a google plus hang out " to express his frustrations. >> the federal aviation
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administration is looking for sites to test flight drones. they plan to create six a drone of test sites or around the country. the goal is to allow widespread use of on unmanned aircraft by 2015, but the faa is well behind on that deadline. not everyone is in favor of increasing the number of phones in the sky. privacy advocates worry that widespread road use will lead to a cold surveillance society " in which the public is constantly being monitored. >> we will soon know more about what happened and sealed hearings concerning the chandra levy murder case. she was the washington intern who gained national attention because of her romantic relationship with california congressman and gary condit. ingmar
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guandique, an illegal emigrants from el salvador, was convicted of her murder in 2010. but a judge has been holding still hosta conviction hearings in recent weeks that could signal a problem with the prosecution. those transcripts will be made available in about a week. >> we will be right back.
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looking at the bay bridge on the right-hand side. it is nice and clear there. >> we broke several records yesterday. here is a look at santa rosa. there were 10 degrees above average. if they broke a record from 2006. oakland has not been this one since 1977. it was really hot outside and we broke records in hayward. san francisco did not break a record but it was still warmer. >> for the past few mornings we have been dealing with cool temperatures. this is not the case today. the numbers are on the mild side. it is 34 for the city. 38 currently and pleasanton and 44 currently in fremont. future cast 4 shows by noon
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will be in mainly 60's. by 2:00 p.m. it will be a lot of spots in the 70. this will be a another fantastic day. a lot of people are excited about the temperatures as well as to be a friday. >> breaking down your afternoon highs at 72 degrees for palo alto and 71 for the off off some of valid. fairfield has a high of 70 and the same goes for danville. downtown san francisco will be at 68 degrees and 69 year high in berkeley. your 7 day or round the bay has changes to talk about. it will be a little bit cooler. the temperatures will be above average. we are really going to mix things up because we will see more in the way of
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cloud cover. the cold front will drop down from the gulf of alaska. >> we do hold on for later in showers and to the middle of next week. >> we continue to monitor a great ride. even as we are way and to the 6:00 hour we normally see a back up at the bay bridge but we do not. the san mateo bridge we see good conditions as well. we are not tracking any hot spots and no major delays. your drive time is just 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge and 1 01 southbound is still a good ride. it is 14 minutes from hercules to berkeley. >> there is some slowing at the dublin interchange but that is if for west bound 580. the south bay freeway
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still has limit speeds. it is still just a 16 minute drive for the trip to the montague will expressway. public transit is still enjoying a good dry with no delay is to report. >> bart is born to see if a line of bikes on trains at all times can work. currently, bikes are banned from all trains during commute hours. bart will conduct a weeklong test program along bicycles on all of their trains at all hours next month. the program is the second test expansion of bicycles access across march. in august, bicycles were allowed all the trends at all stations every friday. >> a 25 year-old man is in
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police custody after he was caught on camera breaking into a home in danville. off this this surveillance video from danville's patch. the suspect was arrested on suspicion of a string of home burglaries. charros raratazak is facing charges of presidential barber, possession of stolen property, among other charges. he was arrested last week in connection to the bubblburglaries, but no charges were filed at that time, and he was released officers game more evidence. >> enviro video help fremont police arrested one man who is suspected of stealing a package from the front porch of a fremont home. if this is surveillance video taken last november. after 8000 deals police received tips
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regarding the whereabouts of the suspect. >> police arrested this woman, danielle gonsalves. wednesday in connection with the package theft. police said that the stolen mail, credit cards, and i geezer of the victims were in her possession at the time of per arrest. >> house lawmakers are voting on a move that would extend the current pay freeze for 2 million civilian federal workers in the united states. off the legislation blocks a 0.5 percent pay increase proposed by president obama. the move will save $11 billion. but democrats, and some republicans say federal workers have already done their part in helping reduce the federal deficit and are being singled out by anti-
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government lawmakers. the bill is expected to pass the gop led house, but likely to it received a cold reception in the democratic controlled senate. >> the head of the nra is firing back at president obama, criticizing commons that he may ignore the state of the union address. wayne lapierre was talking to a national oil dance, and says that the president's did not talk about keeping children save at school, arguing that he is more interested in taking away the rights of americans. >> the president used the state of the union address to make an impassioned plea for tougher gun control and many people in the audience were victims of gun violence. >> smoking bans may be
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lowering the rate of preterm births. researchers in belgium found that the risk of preterm births decrease after the introduction of each phase of a public smoking ban. public health experts hope that as more and more countries in europe and around the world adopt stricter legislation on smoking in public places, the health benefits will start to become evident fairly swiftly. a study from england published last month found that the introduction of smoking bans their lead to a swift and dramatic falls in the number of children admitted to hospital suffering from asthma attacks. hospital suffering from asthma attacks. >> we will be right back. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it!
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>> welcome back the time is 6:24 a.m.. state officials have canceled a have finished department of motor vehicles technology overhaul of the vehicle registration process. officials with the dmv say that the project was cancelled on january 31st because there was little progress. h.p. enterprise
6:27 am
services has so far been paid nearly $50 million on the $208 million project. >> bmw is recalling more than 30,000 suvs to fix an oil leak and that can knock out the power assisted and breaking. the german auto maker that the recall covers the x-5 suvs in the united states from 2007 through 2010 model years. the company says a small amount of oil can leak from a brake hose and costa power assisted breaking to fail. so far, there are no reports of any crashes or injuries. >> watching wall street, a day after the dial dropped
6:28 am
almost 10 points staying below the 14,000 mark after crossing it a again this week. the dial sitting at 13,973. it has been getting closer to its all-time high of 14,164 which was set in 2007 before the financial crisis. although the dow futures are down nine points right now. we just had a report on u.s. factory production come out. with a decline in january after two solid months of gains. the weakness reflected a big drop in output at all factories. >> disclosure reports now filed with the sec are showing white apple stock has plummeted in recent months. required filings by hedge funds are showing a
6:29 am
massive sell-off of apple stock at the end of last year. on route 800,000 shares most likely on profit-taking after reaching a high of 705 on september 21st, apple shares have tumbled and are now trading at just over $466. >> bay area home sales are the straw is for january in six years. researchers say, that the market is still far from normal. the san diego- based firm dataquick reports about 5500 homes were sold in the san francisco area last month. that is up more than 3% from january 2012. dataquick says, that the mortgage market is slowly moving toward normaclcy.
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>> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. >>
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authorities are searching this home all day yesterday. the bomb squad brought in that nation to what unclose location. they found that after searching the home-- >> four weeks ago i received
6:33 am
an e-mail or my senate e- mail account be telling an explicit threat on my life. doctor statethe author stated ti did not cease against gun violence that he would assassinate me in or around the capital. he stated that he was a sniper and he gave me the tell of certain weapons that he possessed an exactly how he was going to kill may. no threat panda tear me from addressing the critical issues surrounding gun pilots. >> additional officers are going to arrive here sometime it by 8:00 and they will go back inside and look brought home to make sure that they're not any other
6:34 am
devices that they need to yoremove. >> it is friday and it is a lot to be excited about. we're talking about seven days once a again. we will be cooler as we head into the weekend and we do have big changes as we head into the next work week. >> thankfully we have not seen any big changes in the morning commute. we are not tracking any major delays even at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not see a heavy traffic for highway 4 or interstate 580. >> developing new is out of russia. where 700 people have been injured after a meteor shattered about 18
6:35 am
to 32 mi. above the ground. the expulsion of the meteor broke a glass over a wide area in the ural mountain , about 900 east of moscow. >> here is another piece of video out russia when the meteor hit. the russian academy of sciences estimates that it came in at a speed of at least $33 a miles per hour and weighs 10 t. of the hundreds there were injured, dozens of them were hospitalized. now today, we haven't astrid about half the size of a football field passing within 17,000 mi. of earth. that is lore many satellites. but scientists say that will bthe earth will be
6:36 am
safe. this meter is not related and it is just a cosmetic coincidence. >> tired, dirty but relieved. after spending several days on board a crippled cruise ship, the passengers on the carnival triumph are back on dry land. this is video of the ships arriving last night in mobile, alabama. 4200 passengers and crew were affected. sara genim has the latest from mobile, alabama. >> this lady was reunited with her dad. >> it was good to see him after the bid on this boat for this long. i did not
6:37 am
know when or how long it would be before i would return home. >> the private ourselves and giving our guess what they needed. we felt in this area. >> a fire on sunday cut off the electrical system and left the crew ship adrift. >> the smell has accumulated and it is making a mess. >> dry land has never looked more good for them. once they got off the ship they had the option to take a bus to texas or to new orleans where they could spend the night in a hotel and make their way to houston and make their way home. >> a candlelight vigil and
6:38 am
memorial was held for the 18 year-old man who was killed outside of hillside elementary in san leandro. police say trevion foster was killed wednesday night apparently over a dice game. family and friends lit candles and signed cards remembering foster. most who attended the vigil described foster as a good person. >> he was a nice guy and he was just trying to hang out and sit in. >> no suspects have been arrested. >> we will be right back as
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kron 4 news continues. [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is
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>> thank you for watching kron 4 bay area news channel. here are the top stories. a man and woman were found shot to death inside a home in east san jose. the two bodies were found in a bedroom and the two-story house on the 8000 block of bermuda avenue thursday afternoon. investigators said third person, who runs a room in the house, located the bodies. sergeant jason dwyer is calling this a crime of passion. >> a candlelight vigil and memorial was hailed for the 18 year-old man who was killed outside hillside elementary in san leandro. police said trevion foster
6:41 am
was killed was denied apparently over a dice game. >> a viral video helped fremont police arrest a woman suspected of stealing a package off the front porch of a fremont home. police say that the stolen mail, credit cards, and i diesel other victims were in her possession at the time of the arrest. >> these are some of the stories we are following. that you for watching kron 4247 bay area news channel.
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>> the time is 6:40 a.m.. in any hot, an investigation is under way after a teenage girl was hit and killed last night. this happened just before 7:00 at the intersection of hillcrest avenue and hidden plan dry. police said 14 year-old girl was crossing the street which was hit by a car. she
6:43 am
was airlifted to the hospital where she later died. the driver and several witnesses said at the scene while police questioned them. the girl's name has not been released until her family is notified. >> a stolen vehicle spotted by san francisco police crashed after the driver fled from the officers. police located the car bomb market and eighth streets on 9:00 last night. when more police cars arrive and the car sped away, clotting with a taxicab and two other vehicles, finally coming to is the opposite that mission streets. according to authorities, an officer standing on the side what fired gunshots at the card due to fear for his life and the life of the other pedestrians in the area. and the suspect and four other people suffered non a live credit injuries. >> oakland's all lawsuits
6:44 am
claiming federal officials are either legally tried to shut down a medical marijuana dispense area has been tossed about a federal judge. oakland was the nation's first city to take on federal enforcement actions aimed at closing down the pot dispensaries. at san francisco judge has now dismissed a lawsuit filed in october and ruled that federal efforts to close harborside health center in oakland can proceed. oakland lawyers argued that closing down on the place would lead to a health and safety crisis because many of the $100 impatience would turn to a legal matter marijuana markets. >> we will be right back.
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>> the time now is 6:45 a.m.. the top stories we are falling at this hour. the passengers aboard a convoy trial are back on dry land this morning after an engine fire turned their vacation into a nightmare. rulership was stranded in the gulf of mexico for five days. the ship docked to
6:48 am
just after 8 our time but it took about four hours for all of the 4200 passengers to get off. >> one of some people in russia have been introductory meteor passed above russia's ural mountains. the injuries were caused by broken glass. the emergency ministry says that fragments of the meteor i fell in a thinly populated area. about 6,000 ft. of a roof at a zinc factory collapsed. >> the santa clara man arrested for having explosives in his home and read a state senator leeland yeel will be arraigned today. federal and state authorities raided everett bashams home to stay and seized weapons and materials
6:49 am
to make bombs. the chp detonated all but exposed yesterday. >> we are waking up to clear skies and mild temperatures. it may be a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. we are forecasting a lot of seven days to go or not. future cast 4 shows that by noon time it will be 60's. there may be 70's for the north and south bay. the yellow on the screen bills so we will see more 70's than yesterday. it will be a another fantastic day here in the bay area. >> for by 8:00 p.m. it will be 60's for the heart of the
6:50 am
bay. you're on afternoon highs it is shaping up to be a very warm day for this time of year. we are about 10 degrees warmer than usual. 69 degrees for sunnyvale. the east bay temperatures are clear and '70's for fairfield and danville. don thompson francisco will be in upper 60s and 70 will be your high for napa and santa rosa. >> yesterday, we broke several records. we may do the same thing again today. we will be a little bit cooler and the skies will be clear. we are really turned the corner as we start the next work week. there is a cold front that will bring a decent rain to the bay area. it looks like we will have
6:51 am
unsettled whether for the middle of next week. >> we are still watching a really good commute for your ride around the bay. there are no hot spots not giving any delays at the toll plaza. the center lanes are a little slow in the drive time is 12 minutes out of macarthur mayes. it is 11 minutes if you're headed to the san mateo bridge. there is no fault and it ison friday'e a little bit more than other days of the week. the east bay drive is up to 16 minutes from hercules to berkeley. to 42 and 680 still agree with no delays. >> it is a little sluggish holiday 80 around 92 in both
6:52 am
directions. otherwise south bay freeway is look good and there is some slowing for 85 and cupertino. your marin drive is still under 25 minutes from novato down to the golden gate bridge. >> oil tankers and other large vessels will now be regirestricted from selling beneath the bay bridge in dense fog. the san francisco bay harbor safety committee passing the bill guidelines. the move comes five weeks after an empty oil tanker sideswiped one of the spans. under the new rules, ships larger than 1600 gross tons are restricted from selling under the bridge when the visibility is less than half a mile. >> a large crowd gathering
6:53 am
outside of san francisco's city hall off to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence against women. havel kids, supporters, and former victims, stood tall man with signs which is set cold they are rising because they fall back. "/a dancing and other performances were part of the international campaign against a domestic violence. the 1 billion rising campaign, is a global movement to take place in over 190 counties across the world on valentine's day. >> the warriors say a delay in the team is planning for the proposed waterfront are rina at pier 30-32 in san francisco is due to a design revamping. the report says of the war is an now working on " to design a 2.0 " which would allow for a cruise ship berth on the eastern
6:54 am
edge of the proposed during a period >> you're paying plane maker airbus is dropping its lithium ion batteries from its new 8350 airplane because of uncertainty surrounding the technology that has led to the grounding of boeing's 787. the better problem calls on one of fire and forced a another plane to make an emergency landing. the 8350 plane is a rebel off to the 787 and is expected to make [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, tide is $5.49 for 50 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load! skip the warehouse. charmin is $8.99 for 16 double rolls. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck.
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q real big deals this week and every week. on beautyrest and posturepedic. financing and save up to $500 get a sealy queen set for just $399.
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even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but only through presidents' day at sleep train. >> welcome back the time is 655. we want tojune welcome bace time is 6:55 a.m.. >> it was a valentine's day
6:58 am
to remember for a family in virginia. they picked up a really big check, for $270 million. dave honeywell bought a winning power baltic earlier this month at the airport richmond on his way to a convention in denver. he admits that he got pretty distract it was he realized that he was a multi-millionaire. >> the of honeywells shows the cash option so that will get $136 million before taxes. their first big purchase? a new car to replace their 13 year old bill which has zero hundred and $70 a miles. >>
6:59 am
>> the duke and duchess of cambridge have a new title. the " most inspiring couple of 2013. " the duo beat out other big-name couples like david and victoria beckham, romeo and juliet, and president obama and the first lady. wheel and kate are not the only royal is making the list, the queen and prince philip came man at no. 2, while prince charles and the duchess of cornwall came in at no. 9. >> we will be right back per.

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